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 The drama of wok cooking, the beautiful presentation and the exquisite taste of oriental food all help to add a splash of colour to any event and make it memorable.


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Aromatic spices spices with a strong flavour without being chilli hot, such  as clove or cardamom
Asian ratatouille aubergine, courgettes, peppers & tomato braised with coriander,  chilli & sweet soy
Ayam Goreng Indonesian spiced fried crispy chicken
Bali chicken marinaded in  wine, soy & garlic
Bamboo shoots crunchy vegetables that impart a unique flavour into any
Banana leaf huge leaves from the banana plant that are wrapped around food whilst cooking
Bean vermicelli transparent hair like noodle, also called glass noodles
Blackbean sauce a rich, dark, salty & slightly sweet sauce
Californian Sushi  sushi with coked or smoked fish & vegetables
Cardamom aromatic spice with a lime & liquorice perfume
Char kway teow wok fried wide rice stick noodle
Chiang mai sausage home  made sausages with chilli &peanuts
Chinese mushrooms dried shitake with an intense flavour &unique texture
Chow Mein Chinese stir fried yellow noodle-can be crispy or soft
Coriander  flat leaf herb, similar to parsley when fresh
Dim Sum steamed meat &shrimp dumplings
Dried shrimp small but intensely flavoured
Enoki  match stick mushrooms used in Japanese cooking
Fenugreek curry flavoured spice
5-spice a mix of cardamom, clove, star anise, fennel & Szechwan pepper
Fish sauce salty condiment used extensively in Thai cooking in place of salt
Galangal young root, similar to ginger, but with a smoky pine taste
Ginger mature root with a zingy fresh taste
Glass noodle transparent hair like noodle, aka bean vermicelli
Green curry Thai coconut curry using fresh green herbs
Green papaya unripe fruit that is grated like a vegetable
Ground rice raw rice grains that have been pounded to make a crispy powder
Hoisin savoury Chinese sauce, tangy & fruity. Ideal with duck
Holy basil type of basil with a peppery flavour
Ikan goreng crispy fried fish that has been marinaded in Indonesian spices 
Indonesian stuffed eggs hard boiled eggs stuffed with minced vegetables & mild  spices
Kahlua cream cream mixed with coffee liqueur
Krupuk Indonesian prawn crackers with plenty of flavour-there are many  varieties
Kung Po Chinese soy marinade with a little chilli
Laksa a rich seafood or chicken tasting coconut broth, usually with noodles
Lemongrass a lemon & pepper tasting stalk used as a herb
Lime leaf  fresh leaves with an intense lime perfume
Mee Goreng fried noodles from Malay or Indonesia, slightly spicy with  tomato sauce
Nam Prik  Thai chilli paste
Nasi goreng flavourful fried rice with shredded vegetables & mild
Nori  crispy sheets of seaweed
Opor mild coconut curry thickened with powdered nuts
Oyster sauce rich & salty sauce made from oyster flavourings, vegetarian version is made from mushrooms
Pad Thai traditional sweet & tangy noodle using rice stick and  crushed peanuts
Pak Choy crunchy &bulbous Chinese leafy vegetable
Papaya &mango salsa finely diced fruits with a little chilli & lime
Peking duck marinaded crispy duck served with pancakes, cucumber & spring onion
Pickled ginger thinly sliced ginger pickled in sweet vinegar
Rendang curry where the meat has been cooked until all the sauce has evaporated
Red curry coconut curry flavoured with lemongrass & plenty of red  chillies
Rice pastry made using rice flour &ideal for frying until crisp
Rice stick flat white noodle made from rice flour
Rice vermicelli  hair like white noodle made from rice flour
Salted duck egg  eggs that have absorbed salt throughtheir shells, exaggerating the taste when cooked
Sambal  any chilli paste sometimes with an extra flavouring,
Samosa triangular crispy parcel of spiced vegetables using rice  pastry
San choy bau meat or veg filled lettuce wraps with cashew nuts &
yellowbean sauce
Satay skewered meat, fish or vegetables, marinaded & grilled,  served with peanut sauce
Sesame dressing using sesame oil-an aromatic nutty flavour
Sesame triangles sesame seed coated chicken toast
Singapore fried noodle vermicelli fried with mild curry spice
Son in law eggs deep fried hard boiled eggs served in a tamarind sauce
Soy sauce salty condiment made from fermented soya beans
Star anise star shaped liquorice tasting seed
Straw mushrooms ball like mushrooms
Surat baked in its own marinade until succulent
Sushi small parcels of rice topped with seafood or vegetables  with a seaweed wrapping
Sweet basil Thai basil with a star anise & pepper taste
Sweet soy caramel like soy sauce
Szechuan pepper peppercorn with a pungent clove-like taste
Tamarind tangy fruit with a sharp taste similar to lime
Teriyaki  soy, saki wine &ginger marinade
Thai chipolatas our home made sausages with herbs &spice
Thai rare beef thin slices of sirloin, marinaded & seared
Tofu aka bean curd made from soya beans. Can be soft like blancmange or deep fried with various fillings
Tom yum spicy sweet & sour citrus soup with lemon grass & lime leaf
Turmeric yellow root with a peppery taste
Wasabi green Japanese horse radish paste that is like a very hot mustard
Water chestnut subtle but crunchy vegetable used for adding texture to dishes
Wonton crispy parcel using deep fried egg & flour pastry
Yam chip deep fried sweet potato wedges
Yellow bean

similar to hoisin but with more of a bean taste

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